Trial By JuryTrial By Jury

Story Synopsis

Edwin, tiring of his sweetheart Angelina, falls in love with another; and Angelina accordingly hails him into court for breach of promise. At the rise of the curtain the Usher, while enjoining impartiality on the Jurymen, shows a definite partiality himself for the fair Plaintiff. Edwin explains that he simply happened to fall in love with another girl. Though both Jury and Judge indicate that they have similar episodes in their own past, they have little sympathy for him.

After the Jury is sworn in, Angelina appears and immediately captivates all the men present. Her lawyer gives a stirring speech, and she falls sobbing on his breast.

Edwin proposes various solutions, but in vain. He offers to marry her if he may marry his other sweetheart later, but her lawyer objects. Edwin tries to dissuade her from wanting to marry him at all, saying that when he is drunk he would beat her. The Judge proposes that Edwin be made drunk to see whether he would, but her lawyer objects.

Finally, the Judge, disgusted at the objections and eager to get away, marries Angelina himself.

Tech Package

Trial By Jury and The Zoo Tech Package (230 kb pdf file)

Trial By Jury can be performed in conjunction with other single act acts, such as The Zoo, Cox and Box, or a one-act highlights production.

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