Welcome to Opera A La Carte

Opera A La Carte is dedicated to upholding the tradition and authenticity of the works of Gilbert and Sullivan as they were originally intended to be produced.

School shows and outreach are a cornerstone value of Opera A La Carte, as the company educates the audiences of tomorrow in the specific nuances of Victorian-era music and theatre. The troupe also tours throughout the year, performing to enthusiastic audiences in both big cities and small towns throughout the United States.

A special message from Opera A La Carte…

Seasons greetings!

Thank you all the support you have shown us over the years! Our donors and friends have enabled us to survive many upheavals and triumphs. We were especially grateful for the overwhelming support you showed for the creation of our new highlights show, Hail Poetry!, which we premiered last year to enthusiastic audiences in Orange County.

Looking to the future, we have two goals:

  • We would love to bring another production of Hail Poetry! closer to home to perform for our Los Angeles audiences.
  • And we want to start touring again. This fall, we went to the Northwest Booking Conference and found an active desire for the G&S repertoire. We have leads for a two week tour, and many presenters were also interested in educational programs in conjunction with the performances.

This is fantastic! This is exactly the mission of Opera A La Carte: to promote the music of Gilbert & Sullivan through performance and to expand the audience of tomorrow through outreach. The desire for Gilbert & Sullivan is alive and well, and we would love to entertain and educate anyone who wants to have us.

After many years of trying, however, we have repeatedly run into a very hard reality: there simply isn’t enough money in ticket sales to pay for a full production. We can’t rent a venue and pay our cast and crew on anticipated box office revenue. And the small theatre presenters up north, who want us so badly, simply can’t pay the minimum we need to spend for travel and payroll expenses. No matter how anyone juggles the numbers, we are always a little bit short.So this is why we have committed as a board, to raise $25,000 by the end of 2017.

If we can raise $25,000, we will be able to put on two weekends of Hail Poetry! in Los Angeles, and we will be able to tour the Northwest.

We understand that this is a big ask. But an investment in the arts is always a good investment. The arts carry us through times of political and cultural upheaval in a way that nothing else can.

Please help us get back on the stage! All donations are tax deductible. Checks may be sent to our address or donations may be made directly from this website. You can donate once, or make small ongoing donations.

Thank you so much. You are sustaining us and validating all the work we have gone through to get this far. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support.

With warmest regards,

The board of directors
Opera A La Carte